MarketCast SP500 Signals


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How to use this?
The colored bands at the chart bottom are signals based on price trends. Weekly price trend is the lowest band, other bands represent other time frames.   Current market outlook for each band is at chart bottom right and is also spelled out at the top of this page.  

Use as a portfolio sizing tool by following one of these methods to measure the strength of the market:
Method 1
Total the green Up signals and follow the suggested percentages:

No. of Up signals  = amount invested
1 Up signal  =  0-20% 
2 Up signals = 21-40%
3 Up signals = 41-60%
4 Up signals = 61-80%
5 Up signals = 81-100%

Method 2
Total the green Up signals and be in or out of the market based on the following:
3 or more Up signals  = be in the market
3 or more Down signals = be out of the market

Method 3
For shorter term traders, use the faster signals.  For longer term investors go with the slower signals.

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Complete history of signals  2008-present                                       [click chart to expand]

These signals dodged the downturn in 2008-2009 and caught the best of this uptrend since then!



Recent history of market signal changes:

Weekly signal “Up” on 9/12/19

Weekly signal “Down” on 9/4/19

6-Month signal “Up” on 6/28/19

6-Month signal “Down” on 5/31/19

Yearly signal “Up” on 4/1/19

6-Month signal “Up” on 3/1/19

Quarterly signal “Up” on 3/1/19

Month signal “Up” on 2/22/19

Weekly signal “Up” on 1/29/2019